Real Estate Fast Facts

1949 A group of lumber associates
from Hinesville, Georgia, purchase
20-thousand acres of pine forest on
Hilton Head Island for an average
of nearly $60 an acre.

1950 Lumbering is the only
activity on the island. There are
about 300 residents.

1956 James F. Byrnes Bridge is
built and 48,000 cars travel across it.

1956 Charles E. Fraser buys his
father's interest in The Hilton Head
Company and begins developing
Sea Pines Plantation.

1957 Construction work at Sea
Pines begins on 5,200 acres.

1958 The first lot deed in Sea
Pines Plantation is signed. Beachfront
lots initially sell for $5,350.
By 1962, they are selling for
1962 About one-fourth of 2,000
lots are sold on "10 year plan."

1967 Sea Pines Plantation installs
the island's first gates.

1974 The Heritage Golf Classic
telecast reaches an estimated 5
million homes.

1975 The island's full-time
population is 6,500. Over 250,000
people visit Hilton Head.

1975 Sea Pines Co. launches
"innovative new villa ownership
plan," called "Time-Sharing."

1977 Homes: A total of 1,052
built, 2,738 planned. Villas: 1,000
units built, 1,100 units planned.

1982 Nearly 2,900 time-share owners.

1983 Golf course lots are listed
for sale at $74,000.

1992 More than $140 million in
closed sales; 22% increase over 1991.

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